Kitchen Remodel – Enhance Your Home’s Nerve Center

A new kitchen remodel will make being “stuck in the kitchen” is a thing of the past, thanks to your ability to develop a kitchen remodeling plan it will be. Any home in Sun Prairie can take advantage of the latest “open concept” plan to bring a kitchen showing its age into the 21st century.

Nation-wide studies repeatedly show today’s kitchen is the hub of family activity – well beyond meals. More than ever the kitchen is the nerve center for family activity. The day starts in the kitchen and, more than likely, winds down in the kitchen. When friends and family gather the kitchen is the magnet for conversation and creativity.

Kitchen Renovation Brings Your Kitchen to Life 

Sun Prairie is a vibrant, growing community attracting families of all sizes and dimension. As family dynamics change, the demands on existing facilities change, too. Think about what would your perfect new kitchen include. As you peruse the latest lifestyle publications and explore the world of what might be via TV or local home shows, consider what goes into a kitchen combining style with function. Kitchen activities can be divided into categories. Each has its own set of considerations.

Traditional Kitchen Activities –

  • Food preparation
  • Cooking – stovetops, ovens, microwaves
  • Food storage – refrigerators, freezers, pantry
  • Specialized plumbing considerations – pot fillers, sinks on an island
  • Waste disposal
  • Storage for utensils and appliances
  • A dining and serving option
  • Plenty of countertop space
  • Plenty of cupboards and cabinets

The Expanded, Contemporary Kitchen Blends Activities –

  • Traffic hub for the daily routine
  • Mudroom and laundry collection/access
  • Mini-office, craft room and media center
  • Portal between the living area and work space – blending form and function with style and décor

Basics Set the Tone for Your Remodel

Is your goal to make your existing kitchen better by updating within the existing footprint? Or has your imagination led you to a totally new and exciting vision where you move walls, add windows and totally renovate the space? Either way, Sims is ready to step in and make it happen.

As you flesh out your vision, consider the basic building blocks of every kitchen upgrade, makeover and expansion:

  • Cabinets and Cupboards – there are dozens of colors, textures and styles to choose from (not to mention the hundreds of hardware options!)
  • Countertops – like cabinets, there are dozens of modern choices in materials, colors and styles to fit any décor from industrial stainless steel to high-end quartz and unique modern entrants like concrete.
  • Wall Coverings – again, your imagination is the limiting factor you have choices from traditional to contemporary (paint color to old barn wood and tile).
  • Flooring – new flooring materials are being developed all the time, especially for use in kitchen projects (wood-look tiles and water-resistant woods for starters).
  • Backsplash – with the hundreds of new tile offerings the backsplash has become a major design element.
  • Lighting – more emphasis on natural light brings more windows into the kitchen, adds skylights and Sky Tunnels. Custom, under-cabinet fixtures are providing for better working conditions than ever.

Choose Craftsmen for your Remodel Project 

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling craftsmen bring skill and know-how to a kitchen renovation large or small. A commitment to excellence goes with every new kitchen project. Teaming with experienced professionals maximizes every inch of your space. We feature space-saving appliances, ergonomically-designed cabinets, task lighting and the latest materials so your kitchen remodel reflects your character and family’s needs.

Take the first steps toward a really great new kitchen renovation or explore the options for an upgrade to reinvigorate existing space.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling serves Sun Prairie and the entire Madison area. Contact us at 608-825-4500 or email us for an expert, professional kitchen remodel in your Sun Prairie WI home.

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