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Delivering the latest technology in high-quality energy-efficient new windows is the ultimate goal of Sims Exterior and Remodeling. For a new addition or replacement windows in your Sun Prairie home there isn’t a better source. As an accomplished, trusted contractor, Sims installs major brands and stands behind every installation with its workmanship guarantee – matching its performance with that of its premium products.

New Windows with Names Your Can Rely On

In the Sims collection there’s a window for every design – double-hung, unique sliders, casement windows or something special. There are sizes, shapes and colors to enhance your home inside and out. The two most popular choices for window materials are wood and vinyl. Sims is certified to sell, install and maintain some of the best-known brands of each – Pella Wooden Windows and Alliance Hawthorne Vinyl Windows.

Pella Wooden Replacement Windows

This lineup of American-made wooden windows has represented innovation in technology, manufacturing skills and quality for decades. The Pella Corporation has more than 150 product and design patents.

Pella window quality is tested and proven. In extensive lab testing, windows are evaluated for –

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures – with infrared cameras detecting energy loss
  • Accelerated weathering – extremes of wind and elements
  • Acid/salt corrosion
  • Specially designed light chambers simulate direct sunlight – ultraviolet, visible light and infrared
  • Advanced testing of wood preservatives to ensure resistance to moisture, decay, stains, mold and mildew

Sims features the Pella 450 Series of wood replacement windows. It combines the beauty of wood with low-maintenance technology. The new windows of the 450 Series are energy efficient and adapted to most any requirement. Highlights of the Pella 450 Series include –

  • Wooden interiors Pella will stain, paint or prime prior to installation
  • Low-maintenance, aluminum-clad exteriors are available in 10 colors
  • EnduraClad® protective finish resists fading
  • EnduraGuard® wood protection resists moisture, decay and stains – as well as termite damage
  • High-transparency screens
  • A wide range of standard styles, shapes and sizes
  • Made-to-order replacement windows are available
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • InsulShield® energy-efficient glass collection
  • Exceed Energy Star guidelines 

Wood Replacement Windows – For A Custom Look

Wooden replacement windows are rarely the low-cost option but are popular for many reasons, including –

  • Beauty and Comfort – Wood is not only beautiful, it’s a natural insulator
  • Design Flexibility – Wood provides multiple design options – including interior and exterior colors, shapes, sizes and between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles
  • Insulating Properties – Wood is an excellent insulator because it doesn’t conduct heat or cold. Research shows wood provides as much as 400 times better insulation than steel and more than 1,800 times more than aluminum-framed windows.
  • Wooden Windows Last – With appropriate care, wood will last a lifetime – hence the exceptional warranty offered on all Pella windows
  • Coefficient of Expansion (COE) – All materials expand and contract with extremes in outdoor temperature. Pella wooden windows have the lowest COE compared to common window options. The amount a material expands/contracts contributes to its stability, wear and ability to keep the elements out of a building. The lower the COE the better.

Sims provides several Pella options including –

  • Pella 450 Series – The most popular style, offering the best features of wooden windows – the most sought-after styles, shapes, sizes, features and options.
  • The Architect Series – Available in both a traditional line and a contemporary line, these wooden windows offer unique sizes and shapes. Options include Low-E triple pane glass for high energy efficiency.
  • The Designer Series – Unique features and options include between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles. 

Alliance Hawthorne Vinyl Replacement Windows 

The Hawthorne line of Alliance windows provides a complete selection of vinyl products designed for optimum energy savings combined with aesthetic beauty. These maintenance-free new windows provide great looks, energy efficiency and an imdustry-leading Warranty.

As the demands for new home designs change the Alliance lineup stays one step ahead with high-performance windows for any application. These heavy-walled, multichannel designs take on the most challenging Sun Prairie weather. They’re tight and energy-efficient.

Double-hung style replacement windows are among the most popular and Hawthorne versions include:

  • Tilt-in cleaning – clean the outside from the inside
  • Heavy-walled PVC frame adds natural insulation
  • Compression seals and weather stripping resist air and water penetration
  • ¾-inch insulating glass for optimum energy efficiency
  • InnovarivE® high-performance glass incorporates a Low E coating specifically engineered for local requirement
  • Ridged sill design prevents screens from rattling even in strong wind
  • The Coil Constant Force System easy raising and lowering never needs adjusting

New Windows Make a Statement


When you want to make a statement – inside your home and outside – there’s nothing more powerful than a wall of windows. Or, a unique bow and bay window – an exceptional way to enlarge your living space without increasing the footprint! A bow or bay window can enlarge a family room, enhance a kitchen or bring life to any room in your house. What do these unique creations offer:

  • Architectural options to enlarge rooms without adding floor space
  • Maximum use of valuable natural light
  • Providing for unique views
  • A built-in “special space”
  • Creative expansion without sacrifice of energy efficiency

Skylights and Sun Tunnels Let In The Light

Are there hallways and interior rooms in your home that frustrate you with their lack of natural light? Sims has a solution – skylights or unique light tubes (they actually can bend light around structural objects). You can bring light to the laundry room, mud room or stairwell with these unique window options.

A Team of Committed Professionals 

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is proud to team with exceptional replacement window suppliers share the same commitment to delivering quality, energy-efficient products. To work with our team of committed professionals, call us to select replacement windows right for your new windows plan in Sun Prairie WI.

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